Stained Glass

Stained glass has a long tradition. Glass was discovered 3000years bc., and the most ancient work in stained glass dates from the IX th century, although there are registers that confirm that in the VI th century there was already stained glass work.

It is a technique that has developed very slowly, and through the centuries it was tremendously submitted to certain architectonic spaces and completely dependant on a stated function and iconography until the XX th century. Nowadays, though, stained glass is valued by itself as a work of art, a masterpiece. It is free to depend or not on other conditions such as architecture or decoration.

This new concept of stained glass, and the creative freedom that beholds, is one of the reasons for the renascence that this art has experienced in the occidental world. The craftsman nowadays matches light, shape and texture in order to create a new artistic language, knowing that the technique and the materials are the required tools that enables him to express himself.